Metro Ethernet

Carrier ethernet provides access to the internet with native ethernet packets, as opposed to circuit based access methods as T1, T3, OC3, OC48 etc. An advantage of being packet based is that carrier ethernet services can support Class of Service (CoS). Carrier Ethernet also supports true multipoint communications. Older WAN technologies as ATM and frame relay offer point-to-point connectivity only. Although Metro Ethernet is often thought to be analogous to Transparent LAN Services, Ethernet can be used as a broadband access technology to point-to-point Layer 2 VPN, Layer 3 VPN, and Internet services.
CoMedia has a multitude of Metro Ethernet Solutions for your business. Metro Ethernet is an excellent alternative to traditional bandwidth such as DS1 and DS3 connectivity. Metro-E offers a large savings over traditional "local loop" connectivity. CoMedia's Metro-E options start with as little as 2Mbps, scaling up to 1Gbps!


How does Metro-E compare to Traditional Circuits?

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