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Snom 360 47Btn 24Prog PixelDisp

The snom 360 was designed for maximum efficiency in the everyday business environment. Dedicated keys provide you with direct access to the functions for audio and call control. Context-sensitive menus offer you many additional options depending on your current work requirements. The graphical display can be tilted for your optimum reading angle.
IMG: Snom 360 47Btn 24Prog PixelDisp

Snom 47Btn 12Prog PixelDisp

Ideal for the office and everyone who spends a lot of time on the phone, the snom 320 is an affordable, yet powerful SIP business phone with built-in, full-duplex speakerphone and three-party conference bridging.
  • two-line display with graphical field
  • 47 keys, 13 LEDs
  • 12 programmable function keys
  • Speakerphone
  • Dual Ethernet connection
  • Power over ... more.
IMG: Snom 47Btn 12Prog PixelDisp

Snom DSS/BLF Attendant Console

With the snom 320, 360 and 370 Expansion Module, your snom has the best features to meet the requirements of executive and administrative staff who require high call coverage and flexibility from communication systems
IMG: Snom DSS/BLF Attendant Console

Snom M3 DECT Cordless Phone w/ Base

The Snom M3 is Snom?s first IP DECT phone offering the latest in elegance and mobility without compromising audio quality. The Snom M3 provides the ultimate experience in freedom and comfort. The device has an indoor range of 50 metres and an outdoor range of 300 meters. And the snom m3 menu is easily configurable to meet each user?s needs ? allowing the option to configure on-site or r... more.
IMG: Snom M3 DECT Cordless Phone w/ Base

Snom M9 DECT Cordless Phone w/ Base

The Snom M9 is the next generation DECT handheld that empowers users with the convenience of wireless communication along with the widely accepted benefits and feature richness of Voice-over-IP telephony. The Snom M9 promises to deliver excellent speech quality.

The DECT based Snom M9 is the world?s first cordless device which supports the basic functions of the Microsoft® O... more.
IMG: Snom M9 DECT Cordless Phone w/ Base