Managed Wide Area Network

IMG: Managed Wide Area Network
Managed Wide Area Network
Whether you have two locations, or many, CoMedia will interconnect all your locations and remotely monitor and maintain all portions of the network. CoMedia will engineer the right solution for your business, eliminating your need for outside, multiple vendor solutions.

WAN - Advanced Tools

IMG: WAN - Advanced Tools
CCI's Customer Portal provides advanced tools to view and troubleshoot your network. Our Customer Portal give you a geographical overview of your network, providing uptime, and real-time bandwidth monitoring. Manage all your offices voice services and make changes to your solution in real-time.

WAN - Total Carrier Management

IMG: WAN - Total Carrier Management
With CCI's Total Carrier Management Services you have immediate access to CCI's team of industry professionals seasoned in working with and coordinating carrier and communications vendors.

CCI Serves as your single point of contact for managing your carrier relationships and delivery of carrier services. From contract negotiation to problem resolution, CCI provides best-in-class vendor management practices to help our clients control costs, and ensure consistent WAN performance. CCI's Multi-Site Telephone System, Managed Wide Area Network, Video Conference Network, and T3-Build solutions may include circuits provided directly by CCI along with our customer's existing service providers. All of our solutions include CCI?s standard Service Legal Agreement (SLA), with an Enhanced SLA available for all or selected customer locations.

Tailored Service Level Agreements

CCI provides the right support service level to fit your business needs. From web monitoring to 8x5 service monitoring to 24x7x365 live support personell, we have the staff and solution that's right for your business. CCI technical staff will triage with the customer?s designated Premise Contact to determine if the failure is associated with the LEC?s network or demarcation equipment at the premise. CCI provides near and far-end LEC coordination ? the most time intensive task associated with resolving a circuit outage. This important feature is available at all times through CCI?s Enhanced SLA, and active between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, in our Standard SLA.

WAN - Best of Breed Equipment

IMG: WAN - Best of Breed Equipment
CCI maintains partner level relationships with top-class networking and telecom equipment manufacturers. CCI leverages it's partner relationships to provide the best possible service and solution to fit your growing business. Choose equipment from top-tier manufacturers such as Adtran, Cisco, HP, Polycom, Cortelco, and many others.

WAN - Best-In-Class Service Providers

IMG: WAN - Best-In-Class Service Providers
CCI partners with top-tier service providers in the industy to provide your business. CCI's highly available built-for-voice network is comprised of services from a selection of Best-In-Class service providers meshed together to bring you the highest possible level of service. Importantly, CCI privately peers with up-stream providers, so we're not dependent on the carrier for voice packet analysis.

T3 Build, CoMedia's Managed Wide Area Network Solution for the Wise

IMG: T3 Build, CoMedia's Managed Wide Area Network Solution for the Wise

T3-Build is a complete rethink on Wide Area Networking, affording our customers a "buy-once" approach to branch office circuits. Through T3-Build, your private network of circuits belongs to you, not to a telephone company or an Internet service provider. T3-Build serves as the gateway to your circuits, and peers directly to voice and data providers in data centers. Choose a different vendor, and the entire network of circuits can be moved in two hours in one evening without programming or equipment changes. Up to twenty-eight locations can be accommodated on one T3.