T3 Build, CoMedia's Managed Wide Area Network Solution for the Wise

IMG: T3 Build, CoMedia's Managed Wide Area Network Solution for the Wise
T3 Build, CoMedia's Managed Wide Area Network Solution for the Wise

T3-Build is a complete rethink on Wide Area Networking, affording our customers a "buy-once" approach to branch office circuits. Through T3-Build, your private network of circuits belongs to you, not to a telephone company or an Internet service provider. T3-Build serves as the gateway to your circuits, and peers directly to voice and data providers in data centers. Choose a different vendor, and the entire network of circuits can be moved in two hours in one evening without programming or equipment changes. Up to twenty-eight locations can be accommodated on one T3.

Private, Point-to-Point Circuits

Through CCI's T3 Build, circuits are installed without Internet access and serve as private lines between the data center and each location, never touching the public Internet and eliminating the need for virtual private networking (VPN) equipment. There's nothing virtual about T3-Build - it's a real private network - no different than having pulled a unique cable to each branch office.

Buy Directly from the Data Center

Internet and voice providers are selected at the data center, eliminating the parade of carrier sales people retailing single-serves of voice and data - a process often repeated as individual locations inevitably end up with different contract expiration dates.

Reduced Procurement & Deployment Times

T3 Build enables voice, data, and video services to be purchased for all locations in aggregate, leveraging buying power, streamlining accounting, and standardizing carrier Service Level Agreements.

Your Own IP Address Space

T3 Build includes permanent assignment of justified IP address space to our customers. Selecting a new data, or application service provider no longer requires ripping up the Wide Area Network. Heavy IT costs associated with re-programming routers, Internet acccessible servers and other IP devices, is not needed. That work is done once with T3 build.

Dynamic Circuit Inventory

T3 Build accmodates a variety of field terminated circuits. T1, Metro Ethernet, DS3, and where available, fiber-optic circuits create a menu of bandwidth resources to meet each location's needs. Circuits can be moved for a relocation of a branch, or eliminated altogether if no longer needed while still retaining the IP address space for future needs.

Circuit Portability

Branch office circuits can be moved to accommodate relocating a store or office while retaining the IP address space and telephone numbers.

Eliminate Branch Local Telephone Lines

Telephone lines are eliminated at each branch office - ask your bookkeeper what that adds up to - and a CoMedia universal access device installed at the branch. No reprogramming, or rewiring of the existing branch telephone system is required and the number of telephone lines presented to the system remain the same. Far fewer voice channels are required in the data center, leveraging the economy of scale realized through higher extension count to line ratio.

Managed Wide Area Network

IMG: Managed Wide Area Network
Whether you have two locations, or many, CoMedia will interconnect all your locations and remotely monitor and maintain all portions of the network. CoMedia will engineer the right solution for your business, eliminating your need for outside, multiple vendor solutions.