Multi-Site Phone System

IMG: Multi-Site Phone System
Multi-Site Phone System
Part Number: 033171000
CoMedia seamlessly interconnects your headquarters and remote branch offices into a single unified communications solution. 
The architecture employed by CoMedia Communications allows multi-site businesses with branch offices and remote users across the country and around the world to seamlessly integrate and communicate. Users will be unified onto a single platform, enabling tighter, faster work-group collaboration. Every employee at every location may be contacted simply by dialing their extension number. A single attendant pool can answer for all sites as though local with "answer as" info. Local lines may be eliminated at the branch offices, and branch telephone numbers aggregated to the one system. High Availability (HA-IP) dual server configuration available.

sipXecs Enterprise PBX

IMG: sipXecs Enterprise PBX
The sipXecs IP PBX is an open source alternative to commercial private branch exchange (PBX) systems from vendors such as Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Siemens, NEC and others. Vis-a-vis Asterisk sipXecs scales to larger installations, offers more unified communications features and is easier to use. The sipXecs IP PBX is a native SIP based solution that offers all the typical features expected from a PBX, including voicemail, unified messaging, auto-attendant, conferencing, presence and call center capabilities. The sipXecs IP PBX can be deployed on a single server for smaller installations or as a distributed and optionally redundant system for larger deployments. It's Web Services (SOA) based management and configuration system allows centralized management of a distributed system and offers plug & play configuration for all phones and gateways. The sipXecs IP PBX effort aims at providing a fully capable open source unified communications solution for the mid-enterprise market. The mid-enterprise market ranges from a few hundred users to several ten thousand users, typically located in different buildings, locations or countries. has been an early user of sipXecs worldwide. Currently (2009), uses sipXecs worldwide for over 6,000 employees. sipXecs, of course, can also be used for much smaller deployments. It's easy to setup and use. Optional HA-IP Edition

OS PBX, 800 Session / 2000 End-Point, Fully Managed

IMG: OS PBX, 800 Session / 2000 End-Point, Fully Managed
The FreePBX platform is North America's most popular Open Source Business Telephone System. As a result, a number of third party developers have created a wealth of applications, and SIP based hardware that augments the system's already impressive feature list. A cell phone app for Apple's iPhone and Google's Android that eliminates the need for a system desktop telephone underscores the key difference between open source communities and proprietary PBX equipment makers; no brand loyalty, just what works best. The FreePBX system supports 800 simultaneous calls in progress, which comfortably enables 2000 extensions. CoMedia's own Voice Enabled Data (VED) application, whereby SQL or MySQL. data is accessible via end-user mobile telephones, was initially designed around this platform.

As an additional feature, CoMedia takes the platform one step further, by clustering two or more systems for Active/Standby High Availability. In the event of a system failure, the Standby will automatically start working, phones will seamlessly re-register with the new active server, offering only mere seconds of inturruption to critical business telephony.