About CoMedia Communications, Inc.

A reliable voice network isn't achieved through brand-loyalty, or an impressive feature set, or even carrier Service Level Agreements. Reliability for the enterprise phone system is achieved through protected isolation. We abbreviate here how we achieve reliability by moving dollars from telephone equipment and licensing, and monthly telephone line costs to building dedicated voice infrastructure. It turns out that plain old hard work and elbow grease secures the most important channel of communication to your customers.
In comparison to CoMedia, competing solutions will require a Wide Area Network (WAN) provider for circuits to each location, a voice carrier, or multiple voice carriers if the network spans several cities or states, and one or more equipment dealers. These several vendors have limited coordination between each other as they do not share a common product, or job objective.

Eliminate Local Line Costs

CoMedia's solution is unique in that we supply each of the components for your voice and data network. Instead of multiple uncoordinated vendors with varying job completion metrics, we have only one primary objective:
One phone system for all locations, in possession of all telephone numbers.
We achieve this by providing call origination and termination across the enterprise without relying on local telephone companies. This means less telephone common equipment at each site and eliminates local telephone line costs. More importantly, your existing telephone numbers are "lifted" from demarcations attached to real estate and instead intelligently routed, like an IP address, based on your criteria for load balancing staff, or surviving a circuit or labor disruption.

Eliminate Proprietary Hardware & Licensing Costs

Founded in 1994 through the acquisition of MTel, CoMedia's long tenure with packet based PBX's has included a number of proprietary solutions including Fujitsu, 3Com, Nortel, Siemens and others. In our opinion, proprietary solutions no longer represent the best value, monetarily or otherwise, to enterprise voice networks. Our proposals include the SipXecs Open Source platform. SipXecs is recognized globally for its stability, and is used by thousands of enterprises including Amazon.com. SipXecs provides integration with Microsoft desktop, Active Directory and Exchange 2007. SipXecs offers extreme cost savings over proprietary, heavily licensed systems. SipXecs is a free download from the Sip Foundry community.

Build a Dedicated Voice Network

With the cost savings realized through eliminating local lines, and utilizing the Open Source systems, we create the budget to take two steps to isolate voice and guarantee its reliability. Both of these steps are counter-culture to the VoIP industry, and neither is inexpensive to do, but our objective is the reliability of voice.

Dedicated Voice Infrastructure

First, our solutions provide for segregating voice from data at each of your locations. This is not a welcomed statement to VoIP equipment dealers. Most, if not all, VoIP product offerings encourage plugging the computer into the back of the VoIP telephone so that the cable and Ethernet port are shared by both devices. Economical, but not reliable. A dedicated voice cable, with a dedicated Ethernet switch port will always be more reliable than a converged voice and data network. Always. Voice isn't just another application on the local and wide area network. Bad voice quality or a complete inability to place or receive phone calls will capture everyone's attention very quickly.
We are able to re-task existing telephone system cable to be used as a dedicated Ethernet network for our solutions. Should a location have multiple wiring closets we will connect the closets via fiber optic cable, or request a segment of your existing fiber to be dedicated for our use.

Dedicated Point to Point Circuits

Second, our solution includes dedicated T1, DS3, Fiber or MetroE circuits from our data center(s) to each of your locations, creating a completely privately routed network that never touches the public Internet. We avoid use MPLS, or Frame Relay, or any other shared bandwidth products. Voice and data are delivered to your locations on dedicated point to point circuits fully managed, and continuously monitored by CoMedia staff. Data, as a consequence, enjoys a free ride as our network prioritizes real-time voice between your locations. This air-tight approach to multi-site networking eliminates the need for firewall appliances that you may have previously used for Virtual Private Networking. The end result is a Real Private Network, not a virtual one.
Eliminate dial tone costs at the branch, utilize our SipXecs telephone system that is distributed in architecture and redundant between four servers between two CoMedia data centers, apply resultant savings to dedicated voice infrastructure at the premise, and connect the dots with point to point circuits. This is CoMedia's solution and it is the most reliable multi-site voice and data network that can be built.
One vendor, and one monthly invoice that includes all maintenance costs, all line costs, all wide area networking costs, and a generous allowance for moves, adds and changes. Choose us.