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    CCI Offers Bandwidth from 1.5Mbps to 10Gbps at excellent prices!
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  • Multisite PBX

    Seamlessly interconnect headquarters and remote branch offices into a single unified communications solution.
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Bringing People and Their Work Together.. Reliably.

CoMedia Communications Multi-Site Business Telephone Systems are CoMedia's signature service offering. The Products and Services presented here are, in most cases, available individually, but they're here for just the one reason: CoMedia designs, builds, provides network for, and then manages the most reliable multi-site business telephone system available.
We believe branch offices should more resemble a kiosk than an island culture of local vendors reminding our customer "that's not how we do things here". In our multi-site solution, we don't believe the branch needs local telephone lines, or local Internet access. There's no need for a telephone system at the branch, or a local vendor to support it. We won't need a local IT vendor to support the firewall, because a firewall isn't required.
Just our circuit, router, switch and phones are needed. We include the local White Pages directory listing, local call origination and termination, ANI/CNAM, 911 service, and your policy applied Internet.
Ask your IT staff how much time they currently spend on the phone talking to branch voice and data vendors. How many vendors are there? Our solution realizes dramatic savings, and frees your IT staff to do more IT.
And there's one bigger savings to be realized. We're ready to talk about telephone systems, if you'd be so kind as to click here to continue. Otherwise, thank you for taking time to visit our site. We hope you find what you're looking for.